Grainger offers a wide selection of indicator holders, bases and stands that can stabilize dial indicators and help to eliminate machine errors. You'll find a wide range of choices, including magnetic bases and stands that can hold indicators sturdily in place to help provide more precise measurement. Surface Plate Stands. Surface Plate Covers. Surface Plate Cleaner. Toolmakers Flat. Granite Tri-Squares. Five-Face Master Squares. Granite Parallels. Granite Angle Plates. Inserted Angle Plates. Granite Straight Edges. V-Blocks, 5-Face. Cubes, 6-Face. Repeat-O-Meter Reading Gage

Fowler 52

Fowler's Workshop Black Granite Stand is low cost and works great in most environments. Features: Sturdy and compact with extreme stability. 6″ x 6″ x 2″ granite base; Positive lock screw; Fine adjustment knob for zero setting; Column height is 8″ Accepts all lug-back indicators; This stand is maintenance free; Microscrew fingertip control

• 6 x 6 x 2 granite base • Positive lock screw • Fine adjustment knob for zero setting • Column height is 8 • Accepts all lug-back indicators • This stand is maintenance free • Microscrew fingertip control • Flatness: .00005 *Indicator not included with stand

DGS - 1030 Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand; DGS - 1040 Upright Dial Guage Stand; Dial Guage Stand 1100; Dial Guage Stand 1110; Dial Comparator Stand 1140; Dial Comparator Stand 1190; Large Maxi Dial Indicator Stand (Granite Base) Dial Comparator Stand - 2A With F/A 1230; Dial Indicator Stands; Bore Measuring Stands; Micrometer Stand; Push Pull

Granite Stand Indicator Sets Check out Travers' wide selection of inspection sets dial indicators ideal for Quality Control, or shop-floor use. With microscrew fingertip control for fine adjustment, our TTC Granite Chek with included dial indicator accepts other AGD indicators as well.

Long Reach Indicator Stand on Flange Base, or Long-Reach Indicator Stand on Magnetic Base, 2⅜ x 2 x 4/₁₆ - 180lbs. pull. Description HEAVY-DUTY LONG-REACH MAG-BASED INDICATOR STAND Over 4 Feet Total Reach! Features Heavy-Duty Swivel Clamps Dimensions Total Reach: 48. Main Post: diameter x 12 long. 2nd Post:


The only granite with the USA registered trademark: PRECISION GRANITE We produce our granite products from several types of granite, depending on the customer's needs. Laboratory tests have shown that fine-grained black granites are stronger, denser, and less absorbent than other granites.

Precision Granite Indicator Comparator Stands (Lug Back Mount) High Quality, Precision Granite Indicator Comparator Stands (Lug Back Mount) are on sale at Gaging - Measure Smarter. These stands are made with high-quality materials and come standard with NIST certification.

INDICATOR STANDS Tel: 08708 50 90 50 Fax: 08708 50 90 60 Partners in Precision Sylvac Measuring Stand: PS15 The Sylvac Mini-Measuring Stand is the perfect solution to the rapid and accurate inspection of small parts. This extremely robust device exerts a low measuring force and is activated by one of the two convenient operating levers. The

Manual Test Stands; Motorized Test Stands; MESUR Data Software; Wire Pull Testers; Gage Pins and Sets Menu Toggle. English Gage Pin Sets; English Gage Pin Library Sets; Granite Surface Plates Menu Toggle. AA Grade Granite Surface Plates; A Grade Granite Surface Plates; B Grade Granite Surface Plates; Surface Plate Stands; Hand Tools; Height Gauges Menu Toggle. Dial Height Gauges

Surface Plate Stands. Surface Plate Covers. Surface Plate Cleaner. Toolmakers Flat. Granite Tri-Squares. Five-Face Master Squares. Granite Parallels. Granite Angle Plates. Inserted Angle Plates. Granite Straight Edges. V-Blocks, 5-Face. Indicator Accessories include indicator contact points, spindle levers, fixture snugs and connectors, and

PRECISION GRANITE plates are marked on the bottom of the plate to coincide with the supports on the top of the stand. When aligned with each other they uphold the accuracy of the plate. PRECISION GRANITE standard stands are manufactured to support the weight of the surface plate plus 50 pounds per square foot load. Stands are made for each plate to meet a 36" working height unless specified

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Black granite surface plate and dial indicator stand. Microscrew fingertip control..0005 flatness. Full 6 square base, 2 thick. 8 column height. Accepts all AGD Indicators. Set GRA-S22 includes the granite Check with a VDI-2 dial indicator. This indicator features 1 travel, and a 0-100 dial face graduated in .001 Quantity Price Model Description


Granite Check: Precision .00005 Flatness SOLID 6x6x2 granite base comparator with lugmount type indicator stand. Features: Highest quality, ebony granite base. Microscrew Fingertip Control, Fine Adjustor. .00005 Flatness. Granite Base: 6 x 6 x 2. Stand height is 10. Accepts All AGD Indicators.

Granite Stands. A series of Black Granite Base Comparators designed to meet the requirements of both the large and small shop. These granite bases are Laboratory Grade, offer a smooth surface, are nonabrasive and extremely hard for an accurate reference plane for work inspection. Our granite bases are manufactured from high quality black granite,

LOT: Assorted Magnetic Indicator Stands, Vises, Granite Stand, etc. In Integra LifeSciences Day 1. This auction is live! You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. You have been outbid. For the best chance of winning, increase your maximum bid.

Choose from our selection of dial indicator holders, including over 175 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. Commonly used on workbenches, these stands have a heavy granite base for stability. These stands hold indicators in place for taking accurate readings. Clamp-On Indicator Holders for Bridgeport J Heads.

These 6 x 6 x 2 granite bases are supplied with a 1.25 diameter, 8 tall column and an indicator arm (rigid or with a fine adjustment knob). Indicator arms are available in lug or stem mount. Indicator arms have a throat depth of 1.75 and can be raised to a height of 6 depending on the type of mount used.

The Planekator kits consist of a granite straight edge, a set of supports (one fixed height and one adjustable), a calibrated .000020" dial indicator with indicator carriage and a storage case. The straight edge is supplied with a correction tape.

653 Cast Iron Comparator Stand without Indicator 55917 Other similar products 653 Cast Iron Comparator Stand without Indicator 653G Granite Comparator Stand without Indicator 653GJ Dial Comparator with Granite Base 653GMJ Dial Comparator with Granite Base and 655-181J Indicator 653J Dial Comparator with Cast Iron Base 653MJ Dial Comparator with

HEAVY-DUTY LUGMOUNT AND STEM-MOUNT GRANITE BASE INDICATOR STANDS. Now Available in 2 Sizes:9 x 12 and 12 x 18 Grade B granite bases are supplied with either lugmount or stem-mount* indicator holder. *3/8 diameter stem-mount includes bushing for 8mm stems. All models include adjustable indicator holding arm with fine adjustor knob.

Products Indicator Stands - Test Precision Indicator and Height Transfer Stands. Mitutoyo, Starrett, Russ Tool. Mahr 8 Bench Center - Inspection, Between Centers, Table. Adjustable Tailstocks . Bench / Table Mitutoyo Comparator Stand, Granite, Inspection Plate. 215-151-10. 150 x 200 x 50 mm Base. Price: $379.99

GRANITE COMPRTR 151X200X50MM 215-151-10 adalah b enda yang digunakan untuk tujuan khusus pengukuran seperti pengukuran ya ng butuh kepresisian tinggi. Stand comparator ini digunakan denga n cara mounting instrumen seperti digimatic indicator atau linea r gage sehingga dapat digunakan untuk berbagai jenis pengukuran yang presisi.

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