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Architectural Drafting Services

VIATechnik is a large and growing engineering organization that offers drafting services on CAD to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers, among other services. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates, VIATechnik leverages a highly-educated, experienced, and professional drafting team with experience in government

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You explore wood frame construction principles, as applied to residential-scale projects and develop your computer-aided drafting skills, using AutoCAD. In the second year, you develop advanced 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting and presentation skills using AutoCAD, Sketchup and Revit, with a focus on producing residential and commercial building drawings.

BCT160-Architectural Drawing. Objectives: Master the basic drafting skills required for the development of a set of architectural drawings. Learn line technique, lettering, dimensioning, and symbols and how these concepts apply to drawings for construction.

Drafting planes. - Support to the Health and Safety area. - Facilities Coordinator carrying out Hard and Soft Services, mainly of the services of A/C, civil construction, electrical installations, sanitary facilities - Planning, coordination and supervision of building civil works. Universidad de los Andes (VE)


What is the LCI Immersive Education Program? Developed as a personalized path for Lean design and construction practitioner learning, the LCI Immersive Education Program offers training in the form of blended learning opportunities to allow learners to choose a method that works best for them.

San Diego Building Designers Draftsman.We offer complete CAD Design/Drafting for Construction Plans Blueprints for House Plans, Custom Homes, Remodels, Additions,Barns,Garage Conversions, Code Violations, Tenant Improvements As Built Site Plans, Floor Plans as well as unpermitted non permitted Additions homes.

For more information about these curriculum frameworks, contact David Mueller, State Supervisor for Architecture and Construction Education at 850-245-9016. Architecture Construction Home. Middle School Courses. Fundamentals of Architecture Construction (8130300) (RTF) Introduction to Architecture Construction (8109350) (RTF)

Penn Foster College's affordable, online Construction Technology Degree can help you gain new skills and expand your knowledge of the construction industry. Prepare to take the first steps toward a career in residential and light commercial construction, from your home and on your schedule.

Why the Andes matter How the Andes contribute to sustainable development The Andes, covering a contiguous mountain region within Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, occupy more than 2,500,000 km and have a population of about 85 million (45% of total country

Nov 06, 2017Even more than the building materials themselves, every construction project needs people—and usually a lot of people. These people all have their own roles play in taking the project from conception to completion: the owner, the architect, the contractors, and, of course the lawyers who help to guide them all along the way.

The Andes or Andean Mountains (Spanish: Cordillera de los Andes) are the longest continental mountain range in the world, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America. The Andes also have the 2nd most elevated highest peak of any mountain range, only behind the Himalayas.

Save your drawing: Simply select + then your drawing will be saved into a box.; Clear or Load : (Clear) delete an image from memory.(Load) will load image into the drawing area. Refresh saved image: If you click on a saved image (in a box), the image from the drawing area will take its

Drafting Legal Documents, Principles of Clear Writing

Home | Previous | Next Principles of Clear Writing 1. Write in the active voice. The active voice eliminates confusion by forcing you to name the actor in a sentence. This construction makes clear to the reader who is to perform the duty. The passive voice makes sentences longer and roundabout. Who is responsible is much less obvious. Passive verbs have a form of the verb to be plus the past

Michels is an industry-leading utility contractor offering Pipeline Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Transmission, Substation and Distribution Construction, Cured-in-Place Pipe, Direct Pipe, Fiber Optic Networks, Rail Plowing, Heavy Civil Work, Foundations, Tunneling, Paving, Dewatering, Custom Crushing and Road Building.

Metropolis Drafting and Construction. We are here to help you accomplish your remodeling goals. Let us transform your kitchen, Modernize your bathroom, Expand your house or refresh your patio. Quality craftsmanship and dependability. We believe in integrity and honesty, and with our extensive satisfied customer base, you can be confident that

North Drafting and Design is a group of detailers offering complete drafting and detailing services for the construction industry. Whether it's commercial, residential, industrial projects, bridges or miscellaneous steel, we can accommodate the work and get the job completed on time and on budget.

Day by day activities in Pre-Contract and Post-Contract stages of project development (program planning, design development, tender process documentations, project executions, contractual matters and project clossing reports), manage and controlling project management and construction management process and procedure inline each others, procurement logistic activities, contract

The builder will be paid in installments, at each stage of the home build. As each stage is complete, from grading the land and then pouring the concrete slab that serves as the foundation, to erecting the frame of the house, to installing the electric, HVAC and other systems, to putting in the drywall,

The construction of a beam bridge is the simplest of all the types of bridges. Cantilever bridges are built using cantilevers—horizontal beams that are supported on only one end. Most cantilever bridges use two cantilever arms extending from opposite sides of the obstacle to be crossed, meeting at the center.

The global architectural drafting design and construction industry is increasingly becoming competitive. Architectural CAD services require costly technical and administrative staff as well as infrastructure and IT systems. Outsourcing architectural drafting services can help design and construction firms to reduce or eliminate these costs.

Construction Contract Drafting Negotiation Attorneys Design-Build and Construction Management Alternatives A smooth and profitable construction project is built upon a foundation of clear and realistic expectations by both parties in the initial terms of the contract.